Monday, March 8, 2010

When did you first realize that modeling, and especially bondage modeling was something you were comfortable with as a career?

I've always been relatively open-minded, and having had roommates who were heavily into the lifestyle, I think I was more comfortable with shooting bondage and other fetishes than most first-timers.

At first, I was just booking a couple shoots because I was lucky enough that photographers started contacting me unprovoked, but once I realized that some girls do make a career out of this, and as I was recently unemployed and in need of a new source of income, my inner accountant and entreprenuer weighed the pros and cons of seriously treating this as a business... obviously, the pros prevailed, and here we are, almost 4 yrs later :)

As I explore my boundaries and grow as a person, my career has included and dismissed several different opportunities, and it constantly evolves along with my own personal conditions. I love being self-employed, and I love having a career that teaches me discipline, self-awareness, and tollerance. I've never been happier. :)

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